The “Dead End”

This observing site is located a few miles south of Eagle Mountain’s city center. It offers great southern and western views. The north is very washed out from Salt Lake City, and the east is somewhat washed out by Utah Valley. This is a great alternative to the Pit ‘n Pole if you want something a little closer, especially because you can set up on pavement.

A word of caution. While we call this the Dead End, and indeed there is a dead end sign up the road, there is a rough dirt road that continues from the end of the pavement. It might be a good idea to park your car on the pavement to be a little more warning of your presence, just in case someone is on their way to go four-wheeling. They will be able to drive around you.

Here are directions, courtesy of Jim Gibson:

Coming from the north on I-15:

While going south on I-15 Take the exit going west just past Thanksgiving point onto 2100 West (Exit 282). Go West to Redwood Rd and turn south (left) onto Redwood Rd and go to Crossroads Blvd where Smith’s and the Chevron Station are. Turn west (right) onto 8570 N. Go past the Wall*Mat there on Hwy 73 to the T- intersection with Pioneer Crossing. Now go down and read the part from Cedar Fort Rd.

Coming from the south on I-15:

Take the American Fork Main St. exit #278 and go west (left) onto Hwy 145 which is Pioneer Crossing. Make no turn offs and just stay on Pioneer Crossing until it turns into Cedar Fort Rd going west. The Hwy signs change from Hwy 173 to Hwy 73.

Going out from Cedar Fort Rd (Hwy 73):

Go west about 5.5 – 6 miles passing the Ranches until you will be out in the middle of nowhere, but you will see a turn off to the left going south which is Eagle Mountain Blvd. That road will take you to Eagle Mountain City Center; a little over 4 miles. You will pass a church on the left, go through a stop sign, and continue until you get to a roundabout. You will see a new gas station there. Enter the roundabout and take the first right heading south. Stay on that road 2.1 miles to the dead end. You have arrived.

Map: Dead End Observing Site

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